The Wild Fix Media Story

At Wild Fix Media, we believe there is a better way to do marketing. A more transparent, that includes honesty and answers all your questions. As social media geeks and fire-forged persons, we are passionate about helping people achieve their goals and life they deserve.

The Founder

Our Founder and CEO Mario started out as Amazon seller in 2017. He soon realized that having only amazing product is not enough for having success in Amazon.

He needed help. Fast forward to 9 months later where he was at the verge of the losing his company, he was able to tap into Facebook marketing. This was a real game-changer and eye-opener for him. He realized that he´s in for something thereon out. And he was right. He realized that there were others who need help.

This was another turning point, because it was the point where he decided to put everything behind and go with full force into Facebook marketing

Business As Usual

Our Wild Fix Media team comes to work every day to help e-commerce stores launch new products and offers, audit your stores, help you gain traction on Amazon, improve your conversions and drive quality sales by building audiences and driving traffic through paid FB ad launching solutions.

Our team members are constantly trained and briefed each month about the latest and most effective ways to leverage the Facebook platform in order to achieve the best results possible.

If you want to take the pressure out and scale your business- then connect with us!